Afro Swiss Families – Samichlaus Brunch

Afro Swiss Families - Samichlaus Brunch

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Join Afro Swiss Families for our end-of-year Christmas brunch featuring a very special guest, Samichlaus. Be sure to bundle up your little ones and have their wish lists or poems ready.

On Sunday, December 10th, Samichlaus will make a grand entrance from his cozy woodland cottage to meet the children at Familienzentrum Winthertur. He will also be reading the heartwarming tale, „I Got the Christmas Spirit“ by Connie Schofield-Morrison.

But the festivities don’t end there! The little ones will have the opportunity to recite a poem, share their wishlists, and recount their year to Samichlaus. They are welcome to capture the moment with a photo with Samiklaus, who will also have a sack brimming with goodies to share.

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